A Little Under the Weather 2020

A Little Under the Weather
  1. Anyway. Linking!
  2. How?

I've got the flu. Bummer:(

My wife was sick the entire month of December and I thought I excaped getting it...


I'm going to make this a quick post because I'm nautious and delirious. Did I spell nautious right?

Anyway. Linking!


I jump at every opportunity I get to explain this to people. It is very important to understand.

Forget submitting to search engines. It's not necessary. You can get spidered by the search engines faster than submitting to them. In fact, way faster and more often!


By submitting to directories. Or getting any inbound links from websites that already get spidered regularly.

Anytime a spider visits a website, it will follow all the new links off of it. So if your links there, POW you get a visit.

There are many free directories to submit to. Many.

Here is a thread I started at SEOChat.com last year. It has some links to some directory lists that will keep you busy, get you inbounds, get spidered and it will help increase your PR in the process...

Drop Everything! And start submitting...

The fastest way for a new website to get indexed. Just do it!

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