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According to one recent study, 80 percent of dieters are trying to lose weight the ‘do it yourself’ way.

They try diet books and bounce from one fad to another, looking for success but only ever finding short term solutions, and regaining the weight in short order.

Short term weight loss could be called a victory, but really your goal should be to keep the weight off in the long term. That’s what weight loss Whitby clubs can help you with, by giving you tips and advice about weight loss regimens that really work.

Finding Weight Loss Whitby Groups that Work

weight loss whitbyThere is a lot of misinformation out there about weight control. Fad diets, pills and boot camp regimens feed on the lack of knowledge that people have about how weight loss works. The legitimate clubs, however, will educate you on how to lose weight safely and effectively.

Losing weight involves consuming fewer calories than you take in over an extended period of time. For someone who is overweight and who has a lot of fat to lose, that simple equation – calories in versus calories out – is the most important thing.

As you get closer to your ideal weight, and body composition becomes more important, things like macro nutrients and exercise will play a more important part. For the most part, however, it is calories that matter.

Good diet clubs will connect you with other dieters so that you are accountable to someone, and are therefore more likely to make good nutrition decisions over an extended period of time.

They will provide you with a place to air your frustrations, and they will give you a support network of people that understand what you are trying to achieve.They will also equip you with the tools to achieve your goals.

They will teach you about nutrition.

They will teach you about calories (many people don’t realize that there are calories in most drinks, and that some liquids can be amazingly calorie dense!), and they will help you to find foods that will fill you up and keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

They will arm you with everything you need to succeed.

Some people fear that counting calories will lead to “disordered” behavior, but there are ways that you can get used to eating sensible portions and cutting down on snacking without letting food rule your life. That’s exactly what a diet club will equip you to do.

Losing weight isn’t about short term diets.

Really, you need to make long-lasting changes to your relationship with food. This means learning not to reward yourself for “being good” by eating junk food, and not comforting yourself with calorie dense foods when you are sad.

It means learning to eat only when you are hungry (not when you are bored), and learning to leave food on your plate if you are full. With those changes, you can get back the body you feel you deserve.