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Follow These Tips To Sell Home Cash Portland

sell home cash Portland

In the past, homeowners who wished to sell their property had to engage the services of a real estate agent. However, a growing number of homeowners are letting go of this approach and opting to sell their homes themselves. The Portland real estate market is not different.

Selling your Portland home on your own can be potentially time consuming and hard but it can help you save a significant amount of money in agent fees. This is the reason why you need to consider selling you home for cash.

If you would like to sell home cash Portland, here are 4 simple tips to guide you.


1. Taking Amazing Pictures Of The Property

Potential buyers will obviously want to see how you property looks like before sell home cash Portlanddetermining whether they would like a tour. Studies reveal that many people looking for a property to buy online typically use pictures to help them narrow down their options.

This means that if your pictures do not highlight the best features of your home, buyers are likely to ignore it.

A good idea would be to take many amazing photos of the property and even video if possible so that people can see exactly what your property is like.

You can even hire a professional photographer or videographer for this task. If you don’t have the money, you can simply use a high quality camera to capture the photos/videos.

2. Sharing Your Property On Different Platforms Online

You must never hold back when it comes to selling your property. Share your property as widely and as often as possible. Share it on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, as well as any other social media platform you are on.

You could even ask your family and friends to share, like, tweet the pictures on their own social media pages to spread the word.

You can also create a blog about the property. Market it on various classified ads websites such as Craigslist or even newspaper classified ads online.

3. Sell Your Property Online Using For Sale By Owner Portals

When planning to sell home cash Portland, you should not just limit your efforts to your social media pages or the social media pages of your friends and family.

You should also seriously consider listing it on the For Sale By Owner portals. Doing this will increase the chances of getting an offer for your property and selling it.

4. Staying Connected To Book Showings & Answer Questions

As you continue to spread the word about your property, more and more people will start asking questions about it. You should take the time to answer any questions posed because if one person is asking it, it is highly likely that people have similar thoughts.

Answer any questions that people ask and be ready to schedule showings and actually give people tours of your property.

The 4 tips discussed above will help you sell home cash Portland quickly but you will still have to wait for between 4 and 8 months before finding a buyer and you should have first fixed it up before selling it. Luckily, there is a better alternative, which involves companies that buy homes as is for cash.

Did you know?

Are you aware that it is possible to bypass the whole process discussed above and sell your Portland home to those companies? That’s right! Those companies buy homes as is, for cash, and fast.

Best of all, they will offer you the best deal possible in cash meaning that you will never have to worry about filling in lots of legal paperwork and going through lengthy procedures just to sell your home.