Increase Breast Milk Production – ‘How To’ Hints & Tips

Want to know how to increase breast milk production if it seems to be dropping off, or if you’re pumping exclusively? This article aims to help.

How to increase breast milk production

As much as people say you need to breastfeed to get maximum breast milk output, you can still produce enough to feed your growing baby, the following tips will help you increase your production if it’s dropped or if you aren’t able to breastfeed regularly.

We look at the natural ways to increase breast milk production aw well as trying a supplement such a Boost Breast Milk Enhancer.

how to increase breast milk production


Pump or breastfeed often

Expressing milk more frequently is one of the best ways to increase your production.

Do it at three hour intervals during daytime and then again during the night. (So you’re rested, be sure to get a minimum 3 hours uninterrupted sleep before pumping at night. Around 1-3 AM is usually a good time.).

This is especially important if you get an increase in production by using such breast milk supplements as Boost Milk Enhancer. If this is the case you need to make sure you get the most out of pumping breast milk.


Use the right technique to pump

If you’re pumping milk, start at the highest suction level which you can handle. Then, increase it steadily once you’re used to that suction level.

Unfortunately, you probably aren’t getting all that much suction unless you have a hospital-grade pump. Even double electric breast pumps aren’t that great. it can be helpful to unplug one suction tube and use one bottle at a time to concentrate the suction on one breast. This also frees up a hand to massage out milk from the breast.


Eat oatmeal

Many mothers swear by oatmeal as a way to increase their supply of milk. It’s fast and easy to prepare, and many mothers who used to hate it now eat it daily simply for its effects.

However, you don’t have to make mushy oatmeal daily. You can also have it with yogurt as a snack, with granola and fresh fruit. Making cookies with oatmeal is also said to help.


Drink plenty of fluids

Drink lots of water if you want to produce more milk. In fact, increasing your intake of nearly any liquid (except alcohol or caffeine) will increase your milk production — but water is the healthiest choice overall. This is also essential if you do go down the road of using a supplement such a Boost Milk Enhancer or boost breast milk enhancer.

If you need ideas for flavoring water, try adding herbs like mint or even parsley, some fruit juice, crushed fresh berries or frozen ones, or sliced cucumbers to spice things up.

Fresh tasting but cold water is great, and you can have a steady supply of it by picking up a filtered water pitcher. Stores such as Target have inexpensive Brita pitchers which you can keep filled up with water in the fridge, where they produce clean-tasting water that never needs ice (it’s already cold).

For even more flavor in your water, try adding dilute fruit juice or drinking tea. At lunchtime, slurp down a soup — after all, it’s mostly water. A cup of plain soup broth is also great.

One thing to know: not every liquid is helpful. You definitely want to put a limit on your caffeine intake if you are nursing. Avoid alcohol too, of course. Drinking any kind of alcohol can cause your milk supply to drop.

Yes, increasing your milk supply can take time, but don’t worry. If your breasts aren’t supplying enough milk for your child just yet, don’t worry if you have to supplement using milk formula until they are or by using such things as Boost Milk Enhancer.